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Peter has been training at Taylored Training for 2 years. Here’s his story

Jon, Roseville

Richard gave me the complete package of weight loss, nutrition and exercise. I feel so much more comfortable in myself, confident going to the beach, and even talking to women.

Lulu, Wahroonga

I had spent thousands of dollars on expensive weight loss programs with only slow results. I signed up for Richard’s program, hoping for a fast transformation. I lost 11kg in my first month, feel great and I am now enjoying fine-tuning my body.

Georgie, Epping

I had been apprehensive about commencing a weight loss program as I was concerned about the hormonal changes and other effects on my body. I decided to start a program to prevent future health issues and feel happier within my own skin.

I lost 14kg in 10 weeks, gained more energy and am much happier mentally. I also benefited from educational aspects of the program, such as meal timing, portion control and which foods to choose and avoid.

People that have a lot of weight to lose and has struggled with permanent weight loss should definitely consider this program. I think females would love the program, as well as anyone who struggles with body image issues.

Lisa, Beecroft

I was very hesitant and scared to change, and wasn’t sure how the weight loss program was going to affect me. I had also tried some other weight loss programs before with little success.

Thanks to your program I have gained a greater appreciation for what my body needs and how food will affect all areas of my life. I have enjoyed much more energy and mental wellbeing.

I really appreciated having the support and guidance from Richard each week to keep me motivated to keep going. It was also very good that the program was personalised and tweaked, and there were lots of food options provided.

Highly recommend!!

Clay, Beecroft

I was initially concerned about limiting food intake considering I have an active job, but I needed to change. Am late thirties, overweight and high blood pressure. I needed to make changes to my lifestyle so I could be a better husband and dad.

The changes that I have made, I look at them now, and see how big an impact that has made to my life.

I have much more energy and confidence, I even took my shirt off at work a couple of weeks ago. Something I have not done for years!

Reon, Northern Suburbs

I’ve tried on quite a few occasions before and never had long lasting results. I was recommended this program by a friend who lost a lot of weight.

I have lost 16kg and I feel all the better for it.

Seeing almost immediate results is encouragement to keep going. I’m now much more aware of the calorie content in food that I eat.

I think people who love their food will benefit greatly from this.

It was a really good experience, the ongoing support I received from helped a lot. Thanks again, I’ve recommended this to friends already and will continue doing so!

Shelley, North Sydney

I had not sought help in the past because I felt that the food allowed would not be sufficient or flexible enough to satisfy me. But it was the right time for me and when we met and you explained the programme I just felt it was easy enough for me to complete and carry on with in the future.

I’m very happy that I joined the program because I lost 15kg in 12 weeks and feel so much better about myself. I can especially see the results of the program in the condition of my skin!

Weight loss can be a very touchy subject, for women especially and I’ve found that most would rather ignore the subject than be offered advice on where they can get help.

I really liked that you SMS’d me daily asking about my progress. I was skeptical about the daily monitoring but it proved a very helpful tool. Meeting with you weekly for the weigh in was relaxed and I enjoyed it.

It was a really good experience, the ongoing support I received from helped a lot. Thanks again, I’ve recommended this to friends already and will continue doing so!

Sarah, Director Of Entrance Hall Interior Design

Thank you Richard for your dedication, patience, professionalism and utmost enthusiasm in helping us all achieve all our goals for a healthy life/ work balance. We could not recommend you highly enough. It has made such a difference in our office culture and personal lives.